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New York Fashion Week

Designer: Chandra Peyton — Dauphine of France Couture @chandrapeyton
Photo: Dtrix Cortes — Vida Studios @vidastudios1
Model: Natalie Spivak @queenissima
Makeup stylist: Vivian Carranza @vivian_mua
Hair stylist: Satarra Parker @the1beautylounge

Die Korrespondention von Nesawisimaya Gazeta Natalia Spivak hat an der New Yorker Modewoche teilgenommen. Unten ist Ihr Bericht auf englisch darüber.

New York Fashion Week is one of the most important events in the fashion world and an indicator of prestige for any designer. Talented designers from all over the world specifically attend this event with their collections. There are designers from Dubai, Japan, China, Indonesia, India, Europe, Canada, US and even Russia — at New York Fashion Week you can find collections for any taste. If the designer’s show was a success, his career growth and sales are guaranteed. For any designer, a show at New York Fashion Week is a prestigious advertisement. Some collections are even sold out during the shows. The most popular fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Bazaar, follow the most interesting outfits. And the publication on the pages of these magazines for designers as well as their models is considered one of the most significant achievements.

Glamour and stunning shows with performances await the audience at every show. Designers try to impress with their collections and conquer with style. Here, tasks arise for models: which gait to walk: with a happy smile or a zombie style face, how many stops to make and where. Each designer will place his own requirements and conditions. The success of the show, of course, largely depends on the professionalism of the models. Like designers, New York Fashion Week brings together the best models from around the world with looks to suit any taste. Participating in fashion shows at New York Fashion Week is also a high level of prestige for any model.

Of course, everyone knows famous brands, and they are the ones that capture the attention of popular fashion publications for that same reason. It is quite difficult for new designers, as well as new models, to break into the captured world of fashion. Therefore, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, relying on its independent opinion, will tell about those who impress us at 2019, based on talents, not on promoted and well-known brands. From New York Fashion Week, several designers should be highlighted: Andres Aquino (@andresaquinonyc), Milú Espinoza (@miluespinozafashiondesign), Dauphine of France Couture (@chandrapeyton), Harlem’s Heaven Hats (@harlemsheavenhats), Maria Elena Couture (@mariaelenacoutureny), RockStarr Designer Wear (@rockstarrdesignerwear), Neyva by Hameeda  Charaniya (@neyvabyhameeda), Designer Dream collection By Rashmi & Anjali (@designerdreamcollection), Idol  Jose (@idol_jose).  These designers will attract the attention of fashionistas and will suit anyone’s taste. Andres Aquino (@andresaquinonyc) is one of the designers who annually presents his collections on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in France, where it is very difficult to break through. Therefore, his collections in New York attract the attention of the press and have a great success.

Designer: Evetta Petty — Harlem’s Heaven Hats @harlemsheavenhats
Photo: Richard Simpson @Richard_EnRichPhotography
Model: Natalie Spivak @queenissima
Makeup stylist: Vivian Carranza @vivian_mua
Hair stylist: Minnie McKay @iamminniemckay

Since there is a great interest in this topic, today we want to tell you some secrets from behind the scenes of Fashion Week. It is usually covered in mystery and viewers always see a well-prepared show. But who is behind it and how does everything happen from the inside? Our correspondent and model of Fashion Week in New York, Natalie Spivak, participated in more than 20 shows in September 2019. This guarantees readers true secrets, and not from a beginner. To prepare the show, for example, for 4PM, for models, makeup artists and hairdressers work starts at 11AM. If the fitting was made in advance, then the designers can come no later than 2PM. However, if there was no preliminary fitting, then the last call for designers is 11AM. Each designer selects models that present and sell his collection the best way possible. Next is the fitting, each outfit is assigned to the name of the selected model. Some designers can arrange a personal additional casting among already selected models. If the model is in the show, after fitting, she runs into two rooms adjacent to the designers, where an army of professional makeup artists and hairdressers are waiting to do their job. Large queues are formed by 2PM, as models arrive for the shows scheduled for 6PM – 8PM. Therefore, it is better to finish your makeup and hairstyle as quickly as possible. Each designer gives the team of makeup artists and hairdressers instructions on what kind of makeup and hairstyle they want to see on the models. The model will not be allowed to attend the show until all the requirements of the designer are met. Nobody would take into account model’s own wishes. The law for each show is strict and one for all. “This is my show!” – you can often hear the exclamations of designers. Their wishes during Fashion Week are the absolute law for everyone involved in the process.

In the morning, audio and video equipment is tested, and a podium and decorations are prepared. Producers with assistants scurry around and give instructions. Behind the curtains and in the halls of the show until 3PM there is usually a massive fuss, even traffic jams from hundreds of involved people. Before the arrival of the first guests, the fuss in the halls of the show dissolves. Pleasant and exciting atmosphere welcomes guests. Behind the scenes, the tension intensifies. Assistants and designers dress models, models practice special walks and instructions from designers, as some sometimes ask to remove parts of the costume and wave them — it sounds strange, but it looks attractive on the catwalk: https://youtu.be/FxHVkuBEws4?t=212 . The models line up 15 minutes before the show. Make-up artists and hairdressers make the finishing touches. Producers and their assistants give final instructions. When the music selected by the designer for his show is turned on, not all models, but all designers look like their breath was taken away, and you see how anxious they are before the show. This is an event of the year for them, they sewed their collections with all their hearts, and, of course, everyone understands their worries, as well as the responsibility entrusted to the models. Now the success of the show depends on them. So you hear the first: “Go!” There is always the greatest responsibility on the first model that opens the show. She is the opening “face” of the collection. Designers usually put their best outfit on the latest model, so models always want to be the first in and the last in the show. However, this does not depend on the model’s experience and her beauty, but on the designers — which particular outfits they want to present at the beginning, which at the end. Sometimes the designers change their minds at the last moment, so who will go first and who will go last can be unpredictable. Designers are talented and impulsive people. Indication for models: if you went onto the podium and hear the massive clicks of cameras, then the task is completed: you attracted attention and your presentation of the outfit succeeded. When models walk, concentrating their attention and working on cameras, they usually don’t see who is sitting in the hall, so it is useless to ask models about the VIP guests present at the show. The final output of all models is based on the wishes of designers, as sometimes designers want to enter the podium on their own, and sometimes with the entire collection. At Fashion Week, all wishes of the designers are followed, and not of producer’s.

If a model after a 4PM event has more shows at 6PM-8PM, then the whole process with the preparation of makeup and hairstyles for the following catwalk will need to go through much faster. Assistants monitor each model and their readiness for the next show. Each is controlled by several pairs of eyes. If a model has three or more shows a day, then usually she doesn’t have time not only for food, but even for drinking water. Fashion shows can go one after another and a model barely has enough time to quickly change clothes. In these cases, of course, there is no time to change makeup and hairstyle. But the grateful applause of the audience and the attention of the photographers quickly cover any fuss.

Everyone loves Fashion Week, especially Fashion Week in one of the main fashion capitals — New York. It is an amazing experience and an impressive sight for everyone.