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Interview mit Anthony Scaramucci in Davos

In Nesawisimaya Gazeta ist am 27.1. ein Interview von NG-Korrespondent in Davos Natalis Spivak veröffentlicht. Anbei ist englische Version dieses Interview.

“Trump is a danger for civilization”- Anthony Scaramucci, ex supporter and ex employee of President Donald Trump rocked the 50th anniversary World Economic Forum in Davos 2020.

Specially for Nezavisimaya Gazeta  in Russia and Germany Anthony Scaramucci gave the Interview to the special correspondent of Nezavisimaya Gazeta  Natalia Spivak.  

-How you would describe President Trump when you were working with him in The White House?

Trump can be very charming, he can be very gregarious. But I think that there is elements of his personality that shows his great weakness. When he is bullying people, that is demonstration of lack of confidence, of low self-esteem. He is having a hard time to telling people or credit for things, I think it is held him back. He can be doing a way better than he is actually doing. I worry about him and I worry about effect he is having at the country.

-What is your opinion about hot daily news, as Russia is blamed in everything- in Brexit, in Trump inauguration. Dose  Putin really supported Trump to become a President of The United States?

I personally do not believe in that. I personally didn’t had any factual evidence that will support that. And I am as some American friends I am a student of Russian history of Russian literature and I have an enormous amount of respect for Russian people. And I am also an American that recognise that the Great Patriotic War – that u call World War II was won because Russian people really defeated Germans at the Eastern front. So I pray that our two great nations will be able to be together, cohabitate and have a great peace. So I am not one of these Americans who is against President Putin and I am an American who believes that we don’t have to be going after each other the way we do. But the foot side is I don’t think that  President colluded with the Russians and I think more reports will proof that.

-Do you think what impeachment is real?

Trump is not going to be removed. But i think it is real that  he violated the Constitution and the System. I think it is definitely  impeachable what he did and our country became very divided, very tribal, very partisan.  Even though his republicans friends broke the law. They are going to let him get away with it.

-You will not support him in next elections, and as you said you will do speeches against Trump?

Yes, of course. He is not a right guy for this job. He is not handling himself  the way an American President. He is handle himself as at domestic or the world stage. I really believe that he is a danger for civilization. And if he will win the next elections it will be very very bad.

-Did you get nomination for the shortest position in The White House, as you were there only for 11 days?

But I was loyal to the President for the next two years after my fire. My decision to no longer support him is nothing to do with my firing .

-Do you have something to say to Russian people?

It is a great culture, it is a very great group of people. Tremendous pride in your nation. What I just hope for the  Russian people what we can find ways to be more collaborative and more prosperous. I think one of the problems as that Russia is consistently had is because an half — way point between Europe and Asia. Its always had some level of dissention. But hopefully the world gets more connected and closer and we can erase some of that historical tension.

-Any more sanctions what you are aware of are coming up against the Russians?

I think what the problem what is to do with Ukraine, I understand President`s Putin position and why he is in Ukraine. But I also understand the Ukrainian position. Hopefully we can resolve that. When the USSR broke up Ukraine gave its nuclear weapons with some level of understanding that they will have some level of guarantees over all their areas including Crimea. Is one thing I know I am American, so I don’t know new policies there. I support Ukrainian government because of the relationship that United Nation has with Ukraine. And I hope they can resolve that with Russian government peacefully. As peacefully as possible. I am a business person I am not a politician. And I can never be an expert what is going on with Russia and Ukraine because I live in US. So it is really unfair for me to offer an opinion because I don’t know the issues as you do, people who live in Ukraine and Russia.

-By your opinion who is going to be next president of The United States?

You have to tell me who the nominae is? And I don’t know who is nominees. If it is Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg I think winner will be Trump. If it is anybody else I think is it will be hard. I also think Trump has more problems ahead because of negative facts surrounding him.

-Do you support President Putin?

I am not a Putin detractor. I respect him. I would say he did a very good job for his country. I would rather be his friend than his enemy.