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Use quarantine for body slim

Walk on the balcony. Photo: Asim Cheema, Sidak Olena, model: Natalie Spivak @queenissima

Just recently, the world could not have imagined that in one moment everything would change and our free way of life would come to an end. No more flying in planes to different countries and people all over the planet are locked in at home. The only fun way to see the world is a walk on the balcony. Leaving the house in some countries will result in fines of 1000 Euro. And, of course, from the lack of habitual daily physical activity during quarantine, the main task will be, how not to get fat?   

Getting in shape is the most common question models are asked, as we know secrets, like no one else of how to stay in shape in ordinary and extreme situations. As the life of models is associated with long-hour tedious flights with unhealthy food; busy schedule of events around the world, which does not always allow for the gym; the main dish back stage of fashion shows is pizza. Rarely is healthy food an option at fashion shows; yet at the same time models must always look perfect and without flaw.   

Today I will reveal my main secrets of how to always be in shape. These techniques I have been used for many years in the fashion modeling world without fail.

Apparently, you may be surprised that I will not call you to painful diets, as I do not use them myself. If the body does not receive a sufficient minimum number of calories per day, it simply will not let you sleep. And the lack of a healthy 7-8 hour sleep will quickly exhaust you. Also, I will not urge you to exhaust yourself daily for hours of physical training.

The main secret in food is not to eat after 6PM. The highest-calorie meal should be eaten the first half of the day. If you can not resist the temptation of cake or a chocolate bar, then it is better to indulge in this sin before 2PM. In the case of food, size always matters! It is important never overeat. Eat anything and everything, but fractionally; in parts. I highly advise the combination of meat or fish with vegetables. Eat flour products separately from proteins and, if possible, without torturing yourself, reduce to a minimum; reduce the amount of salt and sugar consumed, but food must remains tasty and delights you. Never overload your stomach as if you are eating like it’s the last meal in your life. You were born to live, not to eat. Food should be a fuel to live, not its purpose. You need to drink 1.5 to 3 liters of plain, non-carbonated water per day, tea and other drinks are not taken into account. To reduce weight, the intake number of calories consumed should be less than that spent by the body during the day. The body needs about 500 calories to sleep, breathe and recover at night. 

If you take this basic rule as an example, you will soon notice results. In case the body rebels, demanding food after 6PM, then find a replacement in small amounts of fresh fruits or vegetables.

Of course, fresh, healthy, high-quality food will help to achieve success much faster. My main daily intake of food consumption consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, protein as boiled / grilled fish, eggs, cheese and yoghurt. Of course, I also sin with ice-cream and cake, but not every day. I don’t eat fried food or fast food, ketchup or mayonnaise, and do not advise flirting with this food as it will not only affect you with extra pounds, but also your overall health. 

There is an easy rule: the less food that has been processed and stored, the more beneficial it is for you and less toxic. After all, do you want your body to be a bin where everything is thrown into your stomach? 

The elimination of alcohol and tobacco is vital for healthy looking skin. A sip of olive oil in the morning will help cleanse the body. Also pineapple or kiwi fruit eaten during the day will achieve beautiful results. 

The main meal should be breakfast and lunch. If you have a hearty breakfast first thing, it is easier to eat less for lunch and even less for dinner. Try it — it’s easy and simple. 

If you want to acquire the ideal shape, and fully invest in your body during this quarantine, then you need to add physical activity, depending on the exercise. I’ve previously exhausted myself from heavy physical programs. I run away and avoid power training. The thought of the next exercise makes me feel bad. What resulted in the seizing of stress from workout with food and practically brought the result to zero. Only with time I found the ideal option, which fills with positive emotions every time, gives a surge of energy and you want to do sports again and again!

With current quarantine conditions, you won’t get into gym, since they are closed. Many models, due to the frequency of flights around the world, participate in sports using available video programs. At any time and any place you may arrange your own gym. 

If you want to keep fit, train twice per week with each workout lasting one hour. If you want to lose weight, then train minimum 3 times per week.

The essential secret in physical activity to “dry your body” or lose weight, is never eat protein foods 5 hours before or 5 hours after training. And any type of food 2-3 hours before and 2-3 hours after training. To lose weight it is recommended to exercise for one hour. During the first 30-40 minutes, your body will use up the calories eaten for the day. After 30-40 minutes it is starts to use stored fat.   

Thus, if you do sports from 8-9PM for one hour, you can easily nourish your body with healthy food throughout the day and without any torture training in the evening to keep in shape. Imagine training 3 hours a week out of 168 hours, to find your ideal shape. Anyone can do it! 

To significantly accelerate the result, all «problem» areas of the body during the training can be wrapped with cling film. This will create the effect of a sauna with excess fluids coming out faster, and fats dissolving sooner.   

If you want to gain muscle, then you should eat protein 2 hours before and 2 hours after training. Usually, this applies to men.

Eat fresh, healthy food, not at night time and do physical activity with joy – this is the formula of your ideal body. The quarantine will pass, and an attractive shape and healthy lifestyle will remain yours forever.»